We’ll Miss You Barrel Man, But Not Much

With BYU announcing football independence last month, this 2010 football season will be the last time we’ll see most of the MWC foes on the football field for quite a while. Frankly, I’m not terribly sad about no longer playing some of the MWC teams but I will miss seeing Wyoming’s Barrel Man every once in a while.

Barrel Man has been a regular fixture at the MWC tourney in Vegas and I’ve seen a few times at Lavell Edwards Stadium. He made an appearance for the BYU Wyoming game this month and I’ve got to give him props for braving the cold and wet in his barrel.

Wyoming's Barrel Man

I’ll miss you Barrel Man, but I don’t think I’ll miss you enough to want to be in a conference again with Wyo.

Sam has consistently been my best football buddy over the past few years. He enjoys going to the games and it’s been fun to watch him learn more about the sport over time. In the past he used to enjoy going because he knew there was a good chance he would get treats. Now he goes for both the treats and the game which makes it a bit more fun.

Sam at Legacy Hall

His sisters still enjoy going for the treats but I can tell it’s only about the treats because their list of things they would rather do besides go to the game tends to get longer as the temperatures get colder.

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