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While life at Dataimage was good, I started to feel a bit stagnant and, although I hadn’t finished my Masters degree yet, decided to jump at the opportunity when a couple of former colleagues told me about a startup they were working at. I’ve worked for big companies and small companies and startups in the past. In fact, this was my third time at a startup. Although in some respects software development is the same no matter where you work, the different types of companies all have their own interesting mix of challenges and rewards.

As a startup, we moved offices three times in one year due to growth, expiring leases and the like. While we were still waiting around for some office furniture I snapped this photo of the temporary desk I rigged up from a table missing a leg and a stack of unused chairs.

Truly a desk fit for a startup

That’s life at a startup – prop up a table and keep on coding.

I also had the opportunity to represent the company at a trade show. On second thought, opportunity isn’t the best word because I really detest trade shows. I detest them when I’m a guest, walking my way through endless booths looking searching for an interesting product or vendor, and I detest them as an exhibitor, telling the same story over and over again and trying to be positive and upbeat while my feet are killing me and the guy in the booth next door with the loud microphone is blaring endlessly throughout the day. Never again will I underestimate how tough it is to be a “booth babe”.

The view from the booth

If I never have to go to another trade show in my life it won’t be soon enough. Aside from my stint as the designated tech geek in the booth, I’m currently enjoying the challenges of working at a fast-paced startup.

September 2011 Update: After a year at the startup I finally completed my Masters Degree and decided to accept a management opportunity with Adobe Systems.

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