Catching Up

I’ve been remiss in updating this blog. In fact, I’m two years behind on accumulated posts. In the past I used the fact I was in school as an excuse to let the blog lapse. Then I got a new job right after graduation so that was a distraction. But it’s finally time to stop the excuses and get started updating the blog regularly. We’ve been taking pictures and videos for the past two years but I just haven’t taken the step of writing up posts and putting the pictures on the blog.

The following are some catch-up posts:

March 2010 – Road Trip
April 2010 – It’s Great to Be Six
April 2010 – A New Cub Scout
May 2010 – Sam’s Baptism
May 2010 – Memorial Day Fun
June 2010 – Pinewood Derby
July 2010 – New Shelves
October 2010 – My Startup Adventure
October 2010 We’ll Miss You Barrel Man – But Not Much
November 2010 – Halloween

Also, I’m not very big on social networks and such but I decided to experiment with linking the blog posts in Facebook. We’ll see how it goes.

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