Landscape Diary

Even though it threatened rain throughout the day the landscapers worked hard and got a few more things done today.  They first had to change a tire on the bobcat because it was flat.  After that was fixed they started work on our waterfall in the backyard.



I was playing with Thomas the Train with Diana up in Samuel’s room and was able to keep an eye on the work out his window.  It was fun watching them carefully place each rock just right so it formed a U-shaped design.  After the rocks were placed they made a meandering path for the waterfall and dug a hole for the pump.


While the guys in the backyard were working on the waterfall the guys in the front were working on the sprinklers and spreading out two truckfulls of topsoil in the flower beds and where the grass is going to be.  Luckily the rain held off for most of the day and they got quite a bit done.  I can’t wait until they are done and there is no more mess and no more mud that can get tracked into the house.


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  1. Lori

    Oh my goodness, I’m reading entries backward (newest first) and it is totally cool to see the backward progress on the yard, especially the stream and waterfall.

    I wonder how much “topsoil” comes from the gravel pit on Wasatch not too far from my house? About once a week as I drive by I look over and feel astonished that an entire mountain has been removed.

  2. BYU Fan

    Originally I had put the waterfall/stream in the back corner of the yard but decided at the last minute to put it closer to the patio so that one could sit on the patio and enjoy the sights/sounds of the stream. Hopefully that vision will come to fruition and we’ll have a lovely stream instead of a stagnant, littered, weedy mess.

    Also, I’m convinced that there’s no such thing as topsoil in the Salt Lake Valley. All “topsoil” is is dirt they dug out of someone else’s basement. The entire valley is covered with clay silt that built up over thousands of years of Lake Bonneville. Although the stuff they bring in dumptrucks isn’t true topsoil, it’s still been sifted and mixed with a bit of organic matter so in the end it’s better than the pure clay we would otherwise have. Now I get to spend the next 20 years adding organic matter to the garden/flowerbeds.

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