PTA Carnival

The elementary school held it’s PTA Carnival tonight. The girls wanted to go quite badly. I could tell Nancy didn’t want to take them so she ask me to take them and she went with Samuel to his final T-ball game of the season. The carnival was your typical PTA fundraiser – inflatable rides, sno-cones, hot dogs, etc.

I gave each girl 20 tickets (2-4 tickets for a ride, 4 tickets for a sno-cone, 2 tickets for a soda, etc.) Anne headed straight for the rock climbing wall. She was able to make it about half way up but she was wearing sandals which hampered her efforts a bit. Afterwards she found a friend and spent the rest of the time with her friend. Emily headed off with one of her friends and I didn’t see her until the end. Caroline didn’t have a friend to hang out with so she and I were pals for the evening. Caroline loved going on the big inflatable slides. Her favorite one was a big obstacle-course type inflatable slide with a big dinosaur:

Carnival Slide

Several times kids from the school waved and said hi to her. I asked her if she wanted to go play with them but she was content to just wait in line for the slides over and over agin. She also got a blue sno-cone which ended up about 50% in her mouth and 50% on her shirt. By the end of the carnival she looked like a blue smurf with a blue face a blue-stained shirt, and a big snaggle-tooth blue grin.

In the end I’m glad I took them. I remember loving those type of cheesy carnival things when I was a kid – running around, deciding what to spend my tickets on, wishing I had more tickets, wishing I could stay there all night. Just watching Caroline enjoy herself made my day.

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  1. BYUFan

    I sent out an email to all family members a few weeks ago telling everyone about it. While I wouldn’t mind a bit more readership, Nancy and I are doing the blog on an “if you build it they will come” philosophy. We aren’t really promoting it or anything.

  2. Kelly

    Hey, you didn’t tell me about your blog. Scoundrel.

    My boys were never into the games either. They went for the uniform and juice box at half time (soccer games).

  3. Nancy

    I am glad BYUFan was able to go and have fun with the girls at the school carnival. They would have been bored to death at Buddy’s t-ball game. Buddy’s heart is never really in the game, he just likes to play with the kids on his team and occasionally catch a ball or swing a bat.

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