Landscape Diary

Today they hooked up the electricity and water to the waterfall. The pump is nice and quiet – in fact, you can’t hear it at all. It also has a low-water valve that is hooked to the sprinkler system so that the water will automatically refill itself if it gets too low. The top part of the waterfall will eventually be filled with rocks and plants.


The stream just disappears into the ground (the rock circle at the foot of the stream) which is by design. I like the way the stream flows; however, I it flowed farther out into the rock drain area insted of just ending at the lip of the rock drain. We’ll have to play with the rock drain and see if we can extend the stream flow a bit. Also, once we get the area surrounding the waterfall and stream planted with bushes and shrubs the whole setting should start to look more natural.

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  1. Kelly

    A waterfall? Who knew! How cool.

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