Landscape Diary

The landscapers put the weed barrier down in the flowerbeds today and started on the flagstone paths and patio. .

Nancy was excited when the truck pulled up with the stone.

A few weeks ago we went down to American Stone and picked out the kind we liked – an Idaho quartzite called “buckskin” We liked the variation in colors in the quartzite- gold, orange, silver, green. (Unfortunately, the good folks at American Stone don’t appear to be web experts and thus their website is currently not displaying any pictures of the stone. Hopefully the pictures will be filled in over time)

06/13/2007 UPDATE:Just checked the link. American Stone has now got the buckskin section of their website working. Wonder if they want to use the pictures of my patio and walkways as one of their yet-to-be-added examples?

The front walkway – you can see the black weed barrier

Stone is sold by the pound in different thicknesses and sheet sizes. The larger flagstones for the patio are milled to a 1″-2″ thickness. The smaller pavers for the walkways are thicker – 3-4″ but they are cheaper per pound because it’s a lot less difficult to make small pieces than it is to mill large pieces.

back patio

Our flagstone patio and walkways are “dry set” meaning they aren’t set in mortar in between. We plan is to plant moss on the north shady side and creeping thyme between the cracks on the sunny areas.

south walkway looking towards the front yard

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