Landscape Diary

The Garden


Today was a busy day. BYUFan and I woke up about 7:30 am and decided to do a little work outside in our garden area of the back yard. We spent the majority of our time spreading the “topsoil” onto our garden area. It was tough work because one, we had to shovel each load of topsoil into the wheel barrow and dump and spread it over a large surface. And two, we had to work in clay soil that had turned to dust. It was like walking in water or sand, and trying to move the wheel barrow in it was a pain in the you-know-where. By 10:30 am our arms were aching and we were tired and dusty so we decided to call it a day. The landscapers arrived at our house the same time we went outside and they worked until about 4:30 in the afternoon. They worked on the drip irrigation, the prep work for grass, putting the mulch over the weed barrier and doing the clean up. I guess I am more of a wussy than they are, maybe if I worked like them I could lose a little more weight than I am at present.



We ate our lunch early at about 11:00 am and then we spent another couple of hours cleaning the house because Grandpa Kent and Grandma Connie were due to arrive at our house at about 3:00 pm. They only stayed a few minutes, but were able to see the semi completed landscaping and our new furniture in the front room. Maybe next time they come over they will have more time and can sit and and rest their feet a while longer.


The Landscapers should be done by Tuesday. I think the yard will look much more complete once we have curbing and grass. The only things we need now are more trees, bushes, and flowers. We will probably be spending the next five to ten years completing the yard.


  1. This was the first entry that Nancy did all by herself. The WordPress software is definitely easier for Nancy to use than previous Moveable Type software. I want to do fancy things and play around with the CSS so I turned off the wysiwyg editor and just write plain old HTML but the wysiwyg editor works great for Nancy.

  2. Whoa, cool little stream and gorgeous flagstone path! The picture journal is going to be so valuable in a few years when you can look back and be astonished that your yard once was non existent.

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