I can’t believe the month of May is just about over. This year is going by really quick in my opinion. Today was the day we got our grass in and the day that most all the landscaping has been completed. I didn’t charge up the battery on the camera so I didn’t take any pictures today, so you will have to wait until tomorrow to see the finished landscaping. We are also planning on going to buy some more plants and flowers on Friday and spending a good chunk of the day on Saturday planting all of them. We also need to finish spreading the topsoil in the garden and then tilling the leftover mulch into the garden. So much to do yet so little time to do it all.

The neighborhood pool opened up last Friday and Emily and Anne have been bugging me every day to let them go swimming. My excuse to not take them has been that I don’t have a pool key yet, but now that I have the key I don’t have any other excuse. I just don’t know how I will be able to take five kids to the swimming pool and watch them all so no one drowns.

In preparation for Diana’s surgery in June we received an information packet from Primary Children’s Medical Center. It contains information about what to expect before and after the surgery and gives helps for preparing Diana for surgery. Diana goes the day before surgery to get all the prepwork done such as getting preadmitted, having a chest xray and other lab work. Now that we know the date and have started filling out paperwork for surgery we are definitely a little more nervous than we were before. I will be glad when everything gets done and Diana has recovered so we can put everything behind us.

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  1. Kelly

    Aw man! Good luck with it all, the yard, the pool, the surgery. Especially the surgery…or the pool?…no definitely the surgery!

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