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I totally forgot to get the camera out today to get some pictures. Hopefully tomorrow I won’t forget and maybe by then we will have more plants to make the yard look nicer.

I took Samuel and Diana to the pool today while the girls were at school. It was nice, we stayed in the 1′ 6″ kiddie pool the whole time. Diana spent the whole time getting in and out of the pool while Samuel loved to go under the water and act like a fish. Now that I took them the older girls are mad and demanding I take them as well. The only problem with that is that by the time they are able to swim (after school or weekends) the children in the whole neighborhood are there and it is way too crowded. It is not a very big pool, I think the developers didn’t plan well.

Tonight I went to a meeting with a couple of guys from the city who are planning a new park down the street. They came to get the input of the community of what they wanted in the park. I was amazed at the big things everyone wanted (tennis courts, volleyball court, water pop up fountain thingy for kids to play in, baseball diamond etc..). I just wanted a bigger plaground than we have now in the development so the kids don’t get bored. It is only in the preliminary planning stages and they have a couple of big things to work around in the park such as a big water tank burried underneath and a drainage ditch that has to be at the north of the park. It is interesting to see these people at work and to be in on what is going on, I just hope it turns out to be a nice place for my kids to play.

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  1. BYU Fan

    Who would have thought that Nancy would become a community activist? I’m glad she went and got to know more people in the community. Once the builder is done with the development they will turn over control of the HOA to the residents. That will be the signal for Nancy and I to implement our evil plan to dominate and control the HOA Nya ha ha ha

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