Going to the zoo

My brother and his family is visiting this week from Oregon. He had to drop his two oldest daughters off to EFY down at BYU on Monday and then the rest of the week he had planned to do fun things and invite us along. The problem was that his wife Jaime got sick with pneumonia so for the first half of the week we didn’t do anything. By Thursday Jaime was feeling a little better so we decided to go to Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. We picked the best day of the week to go because that day we got a little bit of a break from the 100 degree weather we have been having. We got to the zoo about 10am and after getting Jaime a wheelchair we were off.

Posing by the tiger statue

BYU fans love these guys


The kids loved to run around and look at the different animals, but the one that the kids liked the best wasn’t even real. By the elephants the zoo has a big fake elephant and it makes noises and squirts water out of its trunk. The kids all wanted to sit on it’s trunk and get wet when it blew it’s nose. Diana was afraid of it at first, but when she saw all the fun the other kids were having she decided that it was fun too. I didn’t take all of their pictures by the fake elephant because there were lots of other kids around waiting for their turn playing on it. By 1pm we were all starving and wanted something to eat so we went and got hot dogs and hamburgers at the zoo cafe. After that we decided to go home because the kids wanted to play with their cousins at home and maybe go swimming.

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  1. Kelly

    Ah good old Hogle Zoo. I though the new infastructure was awesome last time I was there, and the squirting elephant was great. Except he didn’t squirt over Spring Break, nice touch.

    Did you get any more field trips in with your brother in town? What a bummer about your sister-in-law getting sick. Although, staying in bed…that actually sounds like a pretty awesome vacation!

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