Surgery Follow-up

Today Diana went to the hospital for her two week post-op doctor’s appointment. We first had to go to get an X-ray taken and then go to the cardiac waiting room and wait for the nurse to call us back. When the nurse brought us back she took Diana’s blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and an EKG.

Diana doesn’t like getting an EKG

We then had to wait some more for the doctor and the nurse practitioner to come in to take a look at Diana. The nurse took off the rest of the steristrips and said that she was healing nicely. The best thing about that is now Diana will be able to go swimming with all the other kids. The only thing the nurse cautioned me about was that the scar could easily get sunburned so she either needs it covered when in the sun or she needs plenty of sunscreen on. I expected to be in and out fairly quickly today because Diana has been doing so well and back to normal, but the doctor noticed that in her X-ray, her heart looked larger than it did when they took an X-ray right before she left the hospital two weeks ago. So they had me wait some more so they could do an echocardiogram to make sure nothing was wrong. Diana was pretty fussy by that time and she didn’t want to go, but they are good at bribing kids with toys and lolly pops so she finally calmed down. After the echo we waited some more for the results and when the doctor came back he said that the echo showed that everything was normal and that we were done and could go home. We don’t have to go back to the hospital for 6 months.


  1. Thanks Hollie. We are fortunate that Diana has done so well. Just curious – how did you find our blog? Through Google or through some other kind of link? I’m curious because you are the first person that has commented on our blog that I didn’t previously know.

  2. Yikes on the phantom large heart. Glad the second test went well. Poor Diana, she really looks bummed in that top picture.

    Good thing those UV shirts are in style. You can cover up her whole upper half and still look like a sporty little diva!

    Glad she is doing well, keep it up Diana!

  3. I found the site while out walking, how I do it I start at my blog and follow links on other bloggers sites. One of the blogs I visited yesterday must of had you down as a fav place to visit. It is how I often find new blogs to visit. So since you are a BYU fan I am presuming you are in the Provo/SLC valley.

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