Diana’s Check up

Today we took a trip up to Salt Lake for Diana’s six month check up after surgery. I left a good hour before the appointment thinking that there would be bad traffic this morning because we were expecting a storm. Luckily for me the storm hadn’t started yet and the morning commute was winding down so we sailed into Salt Lake about twenty minutes early for our appointment. When we got there we did the same thing we did for the previous check ups. We had to go to outpatient registration and then to x-ray. Even though Diana has had quite a few x-rays allready she still was a little fussy when they took her picture. After the x-ray we went into the exam room to wait and after a while the nurse came in to do the usual height/weight check, blood pressure check and an ekg. Diana totally whined about the ekg, I guess she forgot about the many other times she had done the same thing. Kids are sure funny that way. After all those checks were done we then waited for the doctor. Since Dr. Shaddy is no longer at Primary Children’s Hospital we had to find a new doctor and his name is Dr. Su. He came in and listened to Diana’s heart and lungs, checked her hands and feet and looked at her x-ray. Dr. Su said that everything looked great and that Diana was doing very well. Dr. Su said that after five years Diana should be done with any post-op checkups, our next one will be in two years. I was really happy with our experience at Primary Children’s Hospital and that Diana will grow normally with no problems.

After the appointment was over we went out to our car in what looked like a blizzard. The wind was blowing the snow in our faces and making it difficult to see too far ahead. Being a California girl I was very scared to drive home, but I knew as long as I drove slow enough and leaving plenty of room between me and the car in front of me that I would be okay. I drove all the way home at about 30mph. It took an hour to get home, but at least I made it safely. I think this is the snowiest winter since I have lived in Utah. I just hope it will be enough so we can water our yard and garden nicely this summer.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures for this post. I forgot to bring the camera with me to Diana’s appointment.

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