Baptism Day

Today was Caroline’s baptism. While the older girls were excited for their baptism day, Caroline was particularly so. She has spent the last two weeks exhibiting her excitement as only Caroline can (annoying squeaking noises, pestering with questions, clapping hands and wiggly fingers, etc.) She was especially looking forward to getting a new set of scriptures with her name on them and for going out to dinner with Grandma Connie and Grandpa Kent after the baptism.


There are at least 10 wards in our Stake and all the baptisms for children of record are done on the first Saturday of each month. With 15-20 kids being baptized each month, the Stake has the whole operation down to a science. Our ward was paired with two other wards. The other two wards had two kids each while Caroline was the only kid from our ward. Thus, we didn’t have to do anything for the program and we got to have baptismal font all to ourselves.


The baptism went off without a hitch: the water in the font was warm, Caroline bent her knees and went all the way under, Grandpa Kent and the Bishop were the witnesses, and we had a nice little family testimony meeting when Caroline was confirmed.


Of course, best of all was going out to dinner after. Caroline settled on the Mayan restaurant (also known as Jumping Man) after changing her mind several times over the past few days. The Mayan has long had a reputation for unremarkable food but decent entertainment (who doesn’t like cliff divers?). I guess they’ve been trying to raise their game over the past year though because the entrance has been completely remodeled to look like the start of an Indiana Jones excursion and the menu and food quality seem upgraded. In fact, the food this time around was actually quite good. The entertainment has also been kicked up a notch in that the cliff divers no longer just wear speedos but now wear loinclothes and body paint. There are also Mayan warriors decked out in feathered headdresses roaming around. In fact, one even guessed that Grandma Connie was looking for the restroom because he said “Oogah boogah” to her and pointed her in the right direction.


We waited for about a half hour for the table even though there was a ton of table space in the restaurant once we finally got inside. I guess the main problem was lack of servers (the Mayan had a big Help Wanted banner up outside) because by the time we left there were still tons of empty tables while the lobby was even more crowded than when we got there. Once we were seated it wasn’t too long before the lights went down and the diving show started. The kids love to see the men jump off the cliffs into the water (thus the restaurant’s nickname of “Jumping Man”) although Diana was a bit scared each time the lights went down. They also loved to order strawberry smoothies. They’re never allowed to order those kind of things when I take them out to dinner and thus are very keen to order when Grandpa Kent takes them out.


After a meal of strawberry smoothies, nachos, hot dogs and hamburgers for the kids, burritos and tacos for the adults, and a chocolate raspberry mousse cake for dessert, we waddled out of the restaurant and said goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa as they embarked on a drive down to Cedar City. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for taking us all out to dinner and thanks to Caroline for letting us participate in her special day.


  1. I just thought of something – the food servers were great, the greeter was great, and I don’t think that would be the “help wanted”. Surely they are looking for more oooga booga guys to get painted up, flip and flop around behind the trees? Actually, kids and adults alike enjoyed the dinner and entertainment very much! Nice report on the baptism.

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