A Nice Little Storm

This morning we woke up to a blowing snow storm. I knew it was pretty deep just by looking out the window but I didn’t realize how deep until I got outside. I estimate that it snowed at least 10 inches. To make things even more interesting, the wind was blowing and had created some pretty decent snow drifts. In some cases the snow was drifted to nearly 24 inches – well over the top of my snowblower.

I went out about 7:30 to clear the driveway so that we could go to church. I came back in about 8:10 and started to get ready for church. Nancy asked me, “Do they ever cancel church in Utah?” I said, “Nah – not unless there was more than two feet”. About 10 minutes later the phone rang. It was the Bishop saying that they had canceled church. 2 minutes later the phone rang again – it was the EQ 1st Counselor telling us that church was canceled and to please calling my hometeaching families. A few minutes later the EQ president called and a few minutes after that the RS president (also Nancy’s visiting teacher) called.

Of course, the point didn’t get across because I decided to drive over to the church anyway just to see if the Bishop needed me to do anything. I made it to the church just fine but got my car stuck in the church parking lot. I was totally embarrassed. The bishop gave me a push and I made it home without incident.

The snow stopped around noon and I spent the next two hours snowblowing, shoveling, helping our neighbor get unstuck, snowblowing our neighbor’s walks, and clearing ice out of the driveway. It’s supposed to keep storming again until tomorrow but right now the storm looks like it’s blown itself out. We’ve had a lot of snow this winter which is great because we really need the water but I am getting a little tired of clearing the walks. As with every time it snows, I have to give a great big Thanks! to Lori and Bryan for the snowblower they gave me. It’s starting to near the end of its useful life and perhaps next year we’ll have to send it off to snowblower heaven and get a new one; but today, Lori’s snowblower proved it’s worth yet again.


  1. When we left your house for Cedar City, I thought the storm was coming Sunday afternoon. Lucky us that we drove back last night or I would have been not good for doing my Primary assignment. When we came out of church the storm was here and the popster is out shoveling as we speak!

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