Science Fair

We finally finished up both Emily and Anne’s science fair projects tonight. Anne did all her researcch and experimentation a few weeks ago and made her display a couple of days ago so she wasn’t rushed at the end. I forced Emily to change projects relatively late in the game so she needed every last day to finish her report and display. That being said, she has been working on the research for the last couple of weeks now so putting the final report and display together tonight wasn’t too big of a project.

Anne’s project was the same old paper towel project that we’ve done for the past two years. After the third year in a row of that project I put my foot down and said that nobody can do paper towels again. No surprising results in this project. While it probably won’t win an award it is certainly worth a good grade.

Anne’s Display

Emily’s project was “Effects of Soft Water on a Seed”. I was actually interested in doing this project with Emily to determine if watering seeds with soft water would hurt them. Emily’s project produced surprising results in that the seeds watered with soft water sprouted faster and grew faster than the hard water seeds. We were expecting soft water seeds to do worse because soft water is reputedly bad for plants due to the high salt content.

Emily’s Display

One thing that might have produced unexpected results was that the water temperature of soft water is warmer than that of hard water. This is due to the fact that soft water goes through the indoor water softener first while hard water comes in directly from outside. I think I’ll try the experiment again when I start my garden seedlings in a month or two and see if better controlling the water temperature produces a different outcome.

Overall I thought the girls both did a good job on their projects and I’m glad that we’re done for this year. Next year Emily will be in Middle School where science fair isn’t a requirement and Texas will be in 3rd grade where it is also not a requirement. Thus, we’ll only have Anne’s project next year…


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  1. Byufan

    Check out that “germination days” bar graph!

    Thank you – thank you very much. I am a master of Excel.

  2. Lori

    Check out that “germination days” bar graph!

  3. Kelly

    Can you believe we have never had a Science Project? I think making them a requirement is lame. Then you get a bunch of watered down or rushed projects instead of project by parents who really, really wanted to do it…Oh, you mean the kids are supposed to do this stuff? Maybe that is why our schools have never had them, these TX parents are crazy!

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