Garden Invasion

South Jordan is putting in streetlights in for the street behind our house so they had to dig a hole under the back fence to put wiring through. I couldn’t quite explain to BYUFan what they did so I took a couple of pictures. When they finally put in landscaping on the other side of the fence who knows what else they will have to do in our yard.


  1. Did they give you advance notice or just jump over the fence and start digging? That’s how they do it around here. One day I came home to a 5×6 foot hole and two upended trees, no notice, no warning.

    As far as utility intrusions, that one looks pretty tame. The tiny box flush with the ground isn’t bad.

    What are the little green plants in front of the box?

  2. They did not give advance notice. Luckily one of the construction guys came to the door and told me what they were up to. He mentioned though that there was supposed to be some advanced notice, which we didn’t receive. There is an easement along the back wall so who knows what is to come.

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