Kennecott Copper Mine

I've lived in Utah most of my life and had always wanted to check out the Kennecott Copper Mine but had never managed to make the trip. Last week I…

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Bike Riding

Nancy worked with Caroline and Sam for a couple of weeks each morning to help them learn how to ride their bikes. After much whining and complaining, a few wrecks,…

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4th of July

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Lori and Bryan invited us to go water skiing on the 4th of July. We left early in the morning for Echo Reservoir and got there before the sun had…

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Anne’s birthday

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Anne had a family party this year for her birthday. She got to choose the place she wanted to go out to dinner to and then when she got home…

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He’s almost there

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I have been meaning to help Sam learn how to ride his bike without training wheels for a few months now, but only recently have I really put in some…

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