There’s another set of braces in the family

It has now been about a week since Anne got her braces and she is now pretty used to them. The day we went in to get them she was very nervous because Emily told her that they would hurt once she got them on. When she got in to see the orthodontic assistant who would be putting the braces on, she was not at all happy. The first thing the assistant did was to adjust her MARA appliance, this was not too comfortable because it meant that Anne’s jaw would be moving a little more forward and she would have to get used to this as well as braces. Luckily for me the assistant and the orthodontist were great at calming Anne down and reassuring her that everything would be fine. So for the rest of the procedure Anne was great. The first thing they did was to put this big plastic lip mover over, tongue holder inner, and mouth widening gadget in. Then the assistant put this blue stuff on her teeth to make sure they were good and clean.

Then the assistant had to wash it all off and then dry it really good. Then she placed the braces on and then had to wait for the orthodontist to do the final positioning of the braces. They did the top first and then the bottom.

After everything was done Anne got to take a good look in the mirror, and I think she thought they were looking very good.

The Assistant then showed Anne how to clean and take care of her teeth now she had braces. This went pretty quickly because Anne pretty much knew what to do because Emily went through it before she did. Anne has learne that she needs to take good care of them because Emily didn’t so now Emily has swollen gums that we are trying to remedy and she doesn’t want to go through that.

I think Anne looks great in her braces and when she is all done in a couple of years she will look even greater.


  1. Aw! Cool Anne! People probably gasp at the cost of two in braces, but I shudder at the thought of one more errand/appointment every six weeks!

    I liked that you took a picture of that mouth stretcher thing. I’ve had to wear that before at the dentist and always wondered what it looked like on!

    Anne, you look cute! And is your hair shorter too? Looks short, I like it!

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