Picture Disaster!

We got back last Friday from a trip to Yellowstone. On Saturday I got the camera to upload the pictures from our trip and the camera was empty! Nothing, nada, zip. The memory card had been erased. I knew for sure there had been pictures on the camera so my first suspicion was that the kids had been playing with the camera and somehow managed to erase all the pictures.

We rounded up the kids and after much finger pointing, yelling, weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth we confirmed our suspicion. The kids admitted to playing with the camera and erasing “only the pictures that they took” yet somehow they had managed to wipe the memory card.

I then set about seeing if there was a way to recover the files off the memory card. I extracted the card, mounted it in our HP printer (so it would show up as a drive letter), and then used a disk recovery utility to scan the card for recoverable image files. Fortunately we were able to recover over 90% of the photos from the trip. There were a few photos missing but the bulk of the vacation was there. There are certain times I’m glad the good Lord decided to bless me with some technical skills. This was one of those times.

Stay tuned for the next few days as we post the stories, photos, and videos from our vacation.


  1. Are you kidding? That’s better than superman. Every electronic I touch poops out on me, every single one. It is so frustrating, and there you go making pictures appear out of thin air! Awesome!

  2. I’m staying tuned all right. The picture fiasco will go down in your family history. I can just picture the scared culprits, don’t even what to know which ones… Doesn’t that sound like a normal family with kids old enough to get their hands on the camera? Yes, that is a vacation event that to be remembered, right along with the bear, of whom you didn’t take a picture! Hilarious.

  3. I’m glad i didn’t get punished. I wasn’t even involved. I’m so glad I wasn’t even anywhere near where the other kids were. I was the only kid who wasn’t grounded, too.

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