Yellowstone Trip – Day 1

We take a “big” vacation every other year. Last year we went to Disneyland. Next year we’re going to Washington D.C. This year was a “small” vacation so we decided to stay closer to home. Nancy had never been to Yellowstone before and it’s only a 6 hour drive from Salt Lake City so we figured that would count as a “small” vacation. The first order of business was figuring out a place to stay. I am not a camper. I understand the desire to be in the Great Outdoors but I just don’t understand the attraction of smelling like a campfire and not being able to shower and not sleeping in clean sheets. I also didn’t want to pay for a hotel (this was a “small” vacation after all) so we had to find a place to stay that was 1) close to Yellowstone and 2) had a Marriott with a 2 room suite that we could use Marriott points on. Bozeman, Montana best fit the bill.

Monday morning we watered the garden, did some last minute packing, and set off for Bozeman. On our way out of town we stopped off at a tire store to get the tire pressure checked. The tire man said our two front tires were worn down and would need to be replaced but that it would take two hours. I wasn’t about to sit there with the whole family for two hours at the tire store so I told the guy we would get new tires in Idaho Falls. He said he didn’t even think we would make it that far but I decided to risk it and off we went. When we got to Idaho falls we had lunch at the park next to the Snake River and the Idaho Falls temple. We then went to the temple, saw the visitors center, and chatted with the sister missionaries for a minute.

Idaho Falls Temple

After the temple we headed over to the tire store (same chain) and had the tire man inspect our tires again. He said that our tires were getting worn but were fine and he didn’t think we needed to worry about getting new tires for a few more months. That was good news as I thought sitting in a tire store in Idaho Falls was no better than sitting in one in South Jordan. I guess this is one case where procrastination paid off.

Our trip to Bozeman was uneventful except for one place where there was a traffic jam just north of West Yellowstone. When we got farther up the road we found out the cause of the traffic jam: a big brown bear sitting in a meadow off the side of the road. We slowed down a bit and checked him out but he wasn’t doing much – just being a bear. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the presence of mind to whip out our camera and get a picture.

In retrospect we really regret not getting a picture because so far the number one question we’ve been asked by people about our trip is “Did you see a bear?”


  1. I absolutely love the picture and would really like one…. Just emailing one to me would be so great. Now – I’ve been checking back faithfully to see if there are more postings about the vacation. And to see some of the recovered pictures. Ok – I will wait patiently as I DO remember life in the fast lane with children the ages you have now. If ever it gets tense at your house, like when “somebody” accidentally deletes the vacation photos? It could be worse (probably will get worse) you could be in the shoes of the piano teacher whose older children were in the car accident? Would her children be teenagers or adults?

  2. The Piano teachers kids are in their twenties.
    Tonight BYUFan had a late night and didn’t get home from work until midnight. It looks like he will be very busy at work for the next month. I just hope we all can get through this busy time. I don’t know if he will find too much time to post many posts. Maybe he will do some this weekend.

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