First Day of School Nerves?

Tuesday was the first full day of school for Samuel. On Monday night I went to his room to check on him (he has a habit of sneaking out of his room and sleeping in Texas’ bed) but there was no Samuel in the bed:

Someone gave Samuel a little Spiderman tent for his birthday. It’s always sitting around his room among the usual mess so I didn’t really think anything about it being in the middle of his floor. I was just about to go extract him from Texas’ room when I notice something poking out from underneath the blanket on the floor:

Notice anything unusual in this scene?

I opened up the flaps of his little Spiderman tent and, viola! There was Samuel, sound asleep on the floor with his head under the tent and his legs sticking out the bottom.

I guess when the excitement over the upcoming first day of school is too much to take, the floor is the only place a guy can get a good nights sleep.

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