Where does my traffic come from?

Tonight I don’t have Bishopric duties so I have a little extra time to get caught up on posts. I also have extra time to get sidetracked on interesting stuff (interesting to me, at least). I’ve been collecting statistics on where traffic originates from when it comes to my blog. The number one generator of traffic to this blog? (Drumroll please…) A website called KeywordSpy.com. The next biggest referrer of traffic? A whois site. Whois is a tool used on the Internet to determine who owns and maintains a particular website. The third biggest? A Google image link to a picture for a Harry Potter film which I removed a few months ago because I didn’t want people to think this is really a Harry Potter website.

What does this all mean? Well, it means that the only people being referred to my site are people trying to find out information about the domain name byufan.net. In other words, it means that not many people actually read this blog. That’s OK by me. The blog is more of a “virtual scrapbook” than anything else and is generally meant for family. After all, why would total strangers be interested in my boring musings and pictures of my kids? Truth be told, my family is probably only slightly more interested than your average total stranger.

Another interesting thing to look at are the search terms that lead people to my site. The terms “byufan” and “BYU fan” are numbers one and two respectively. The third most common search term is “dry pack cannery” and takes people to this post. Because so many people find my blog by searching for “dry pack cannery” I wonder if I should edit that post and add some links to helpful information about the dry pack cannery? Other interesting terms that led people to my blog:

“her braces”
camry hybrid worth
“Broken arm”
why is las vegas so trashy
teeth gracious children
dinosaur inflatables

There were actually many variations on the themes of broken arms, braces, and the Sandy dry pack cannery. I’m not sure if those are the things I would have chosen to be well known for but I guess it’s better than nothing. I’m not sure how the term “dinosaur inflatables” actually led someone here. I hope that person found what they were looking for. I’ve posted about my kids’ teeth but I don’t think I ever called them gracious so I’m not sure how that particular search ended up here. And as for why Las Vegas is so trashy? Well, I guess that depends upon your definition of trashy. Trashy in the sense of sex? That’s easy. As my brother in advertising business always says, “sex sells”. Trashy in the sense of litter all over the freeway and the streets? I’ve never quite figured that one out. If a city wanted to be a tourist mecca you’d think they would devote significant time to cleaning up the litter. If you thought that about Las Vegas you’d be wrong.

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