Back to School

Texas and Anne started school this past Monday. Samuel’s first full day was this past Tuesday. Emily doesn’t start until this coming Monday but today she had a practice day at the school. The practice day gives the new wide-eyed seventh graders a chance to find their lockers, find where all their classes are, meet their teachers, etc. without the crush of 8th and 9th graders (we have “Middle School” instead of Jr. High here in South Jordan) that will converge on the school on Monday morning. Nancy walked Emily to school this morning and Emily walked home on her own. The middle school is 1.6 miles from home and lots of parents think we’re crazy for making Emily walk to school. I walked to Skyline Elementary school every day in 4th grade which, by Google Maps calculations, was 1.1 miles from home but had to cross a freeway on and off ramp. I think Emily needs the exercise and it’s good for kids to not get coddled so for now we’re sticking to our guns that she walk or ride a bike to school. Nancy will probably cave a bit in winter and join a car pool but if the weather’s good Emily is hoofing it.

This evening was Back to School night at both the elementary and middle school. Anne didn’t think it was cool to go to Back to School night as a 6th grader and Luppin is still in preschool so they stayed home while Nancy and I took the other kids. We stopped off at the Jr. High and met Emily’s math teacher, her reading teacher, and her science teacher. I asked Emily to pose for a picture by her locker and she begrudgingly agreed (“Hurry up daddy, this is embarrassing!”)

Emily the 7th grader

Next it was off to the elementary school to meet Texas’ teacher and then Sam’s teacher. The kids had fun showing us where they sit, talking to their teacher, and showing us the little papers and projects they had already worked on in their first few days of class.

Texas the 3rd grader

Samuel the 1st grader

I actually enjoyed the middle school Back to School night the most. Not because I have fond memories of Jr. High (Jr. High was a miserable experience for me) but because it is fun to see Emily growing up a bit and seeing her adjust to the 7th grade experience.


  1. I think walking to school will be good for me and Emily (we both need the exercise). When we walked together in the morning it took us about 30 minutes to get to school. I expected Emily to be slower by herself, and she was, by about 15 minutes.

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