Fall Harvest

BYUFan has been on my case ever since the end of last week when I picked half a bucket full of green beans to get them canned. I don’t have a pressure canner and on Saturday I went to a couple of stores to try and find one, but no luck. Finally on Tuesday this past week I called a lady from the ward who is in charge food storage and emergency preparedness for the ward in hopes that she owned a pressure canner that I might be able to use. Luckily for me she did, and she said that she could actually come and help me that afternoon. After I hung up the phone I had to scramble and get everything ready for her to come over. I had to get our quart bottles from the basement, wash them, pick the green beans from the second row of beans, run to the store to pick up lids, and then to wash and cut the beans all in one and a half hours. Luckily BYUFan was working from home that day and he stayed to help me. I couldn’t have gotten it all done without his help(he also had to take the girls to piano lessons). Thanks BYUFan!!!! So when our preparedness lady came over we were almost ready to can. She showed us how many beans to put in the bottle, how much salt to add, and how high to fill it with boiling water. We then put the bottles in the canner, got it up to pressure, and cooked them for 25 minutes at 14lbs of pressure. I took them out after the pressure abated and they all sealed and are now sitting in my cupboard ready to be used. I am grateful for good neighbors and good husbands.

Now, what would be a good thank you gift to give for my neighbor who lent me her canner? Any ideas would be great!

These are the the bean plants we grew this year

Canning is a messy job

The finished product

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  1. mom

    Way to go. How could your landscaper friend not think your landscape is the prettiest in the neighborhood? At least you have green thumbs that grow pretty flowers, grass, trees and your garden is amazing. From your first tomato plant in that wee little plot next to the rented house in Orem – I am amazed every year at everything the two of you grow. Not only growing but thriving and beautiful!

  2. Lori

    Hmm, I just noticed that I called both your pumpkins and your beans “gorgeous.” Maybe I need to go buy a thesaurus.

  3. Lori

    Cool–they look gorgeous. What about some pretty notecards? I always could use something like that.

  4. Kelly

    I’d say wrap a big bow around one of those jars of beans, and put it in the canner when you return it. But then you know…she’d have to eat them.

    Looking good guys, at least you won’t starve!

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