Alphabet Crown

Yesterday Luppin made a big achievement in her preschool life, she got her Alphabet Crown. After a year and a half of preschool Luppin finally has mastered the task of identifying all the letters in the alphabet and repeating the sounds they make. BYUFan and I told her(as we did for all of her siblings also) that if she got her alphabet crown we would take her out to dinner. Emily and Anne persuaded her to pick the Training Table and Texas and Sam tried to persuade her to go to McDonalds. In the end the Training Table won. Now all she has to do next is get her blending badge and then she can go to McDonalds.


  1. Diana, you are beautiful in your Alphabet Crown. Your smile is the prettiest part. You look like a princess! Well done! Your mom did great taking the pictures. Glad you got to go to dinner. Love you.

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