Luppin’s Birthday

We decided to have Luppin’s birthday party in May because we were gone on vacation on her official day. Actually on her birthday we were visiting the Capitol building in Washington D.C. and being led around by Representative Chaffetz’s staffers. This year she got to have a friend party so she was really excited. We invited seven girls and all but one showed up.

At the party we started off by putting stickers on our princess crowns. Then we got the party going by playing the candy bar matching game. If they matched two of the same candy bar pictures, they got the actual candy bar. After that game we played pin the tail on the donkey. They had a hoot seeing the funny places the tail got stuck to. After that we had cake and ice cream. It is funny because when I was a kid I remember the cake and ice cream were the best part, but the girls were more interested in jabbering than eating either cake or ice cream. I think I threw the bulk of it away in the garbage can. After the cake came the presents. I think this was very fun. I had each of the girls one at a time bring up the present she got for Luppin and then each of their presents got spotlighted and I could write down who brought what. After the all the presents were opened and before they could tear into them and get Barbie/Polly pocket stuff everywhere, we went to the basement to do the pinata. Because we have an unfinished basement it was easy to tie the rope up on the ceiling and have the girls whack away at it. I think they liked this game the best of all. Luppin did want to play musical chairs, but we ran out of time. All in all a very good party.







  1. Holy Cow! That little girl standing on Natasha’s left in the pinata picture? For a second I thought Quincy was invited to the party!

    Happy Birthday Diana!

    PS Who has to sleep on that bed in the basement?

  2. Every time I see her I also think about Quincy. They have identical hair cuts and facial expressions. The neighborhood girl is 1/4 Latina so her skin is a bit darker than Quincy but I always think they look very much alike.

  3. Looks like a most fun party ever. The pinata room looks clean and bug free to me. What a fun place to have a party and well done. Happy birthday Diana. I like that you celebrate events whenever the time is best.

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