Spring flowers 2009

For some reason I love to take pictures of my flowers each spring because I think they are very pretty. Here are some of them that I took recently. Which one of these pictures do you like the best?

Flower #1

Flower #2

Flower #3

Flower #4

Flower #5

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  1. mom

    I like number 2 the best, and number one as well. I like them all. But the ground cover over the rock is so beautiful. At least I assume that is what it is. As I said before, you guys never cease to amaze me with your green thumbs. Especially Nancy’s green thumb with absolutely georgeous flowers and Brian’s gardening/landscaping? Completely amazing.

  2. kent

    Variety–green, yellow,pink, purple, tall, short, wild, domestic.


  3. Nancy

    In general the rainy weather has been good for our yard. The only problem is that the weeds love it too.

  4. Lori

    Hi, I like #2 with the rock. but BYUFan is right, the yellow and purple is pretty too. Has the rainy weather been good for your yard?

  5. BYUFan

    What are the names of the flowers?

    I like picture #4 the best because of the yellow framed by the purple.

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