End of Summer Play Day

The kids are off track for another week so I decided to do something fun this week so they don't get too bored with me at home. We packed up…

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Diana’s first day of preschool

It was momentous when my last child was finally potty trained and I could finally say goodbye forever to diapers. It is even more momentous when she finally gets to…

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Where the sidewalk ends

BYUFan and I have started walking every morning so we can start getting into shape. On our way home today we walked past this sign which made me chuckle. I…

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Buddy’s haircut

At the beginning of last week BYUFan told Samuel that he would give him a haircut. Those of you who know BYUFan, you know that he didn't do it right…

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Bon Voyage Cousins

The plan for Saturday was to spend all day doing yard work. I started out well and got a lot done but by noon it was so hot that I…

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Grandma Connie’s Birthday

Kelly's been in town the past week on vacation. For her final hurrah she planned a big birthday dinner for Grandma Connie for all the available children and grandchildren in…

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A Jaunt to Jacksonville

I got home from Orlando late last night and was glad to be home. The trip went fairly well but I still prefer staying home to business travel. The best…

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Greetings from Orlando

I'm here on a business trip through Wednesday. We're doing an exhibit at a convention for various government agencies. I'm personally a bit skeptical about how much business we'll actually…

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First day of kindergarten

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Today was the fourth time I have taken someone for their first day of kindergarten. Samuel was so excited for school to start today he got all ready two hours…

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