Gingerbread Houses

Before Christmas I was doing my regular grocery shopping when I saw that they had on sale the gingerbread houses that come in a box and you just have to…

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Christmas is the one day of the year that all of the kids look forward to. Inevitably mom and dad stay up late on Christmas eve and are woken up…

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W. Family Party

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The W. Family Party is the annual Christmas party with all of my aunts and uncles, cousins, cousins kids, etc. The party has grown so big that it hasn't been…

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Houston, We Have A Young Woman

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Emily's really looked forward to her 12th birthday because she finally would graduate from Primary and join the Young Women's organization. It's been quite interesting thinking about her being in…

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Annual Christmas Pilgrimage

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Today we took our annual pilgrimage downtown to see the lights at temple square. I can't remember how many years we've been doing this for but it's probably around 6…

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Blee’s first sewing project

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I have been helping Emily finish her faith in God award for Primary. One of the things she had to do was to make something and display it. So I…

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Guess Who’s Twelve?

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I have always told my girls that they had to wait until they are twelve before they could get their ears pierced. Even though Emily won't be twelve for a…

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Christmas Stockings

Nancy put up the Christmas Stockings today. We took Kelly's great advice and got some of those stick-on hangers. They seem to be holding well. Hopefully they'll come off without…

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Seafood Cobb Salad

One of our favorite restaurants is the Market Street Grill (one recently opened up in South Jordan) and one of my favorite menu items there is the seafood cobb salad.…

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