Spring Cleaning

Our garage has been accumulating dirt and junk all winter: piles of Christmas lights, tools lain around, dirt/snow crud on the floor. Today it was unseasonably warm so Nancy and…

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Dry Pack Cannery

UPDATE: 12 October 2008 5:29 p.m. - Looking for information on the Sandy Dray Pack cannery? Sandy Dry Pack Cannery 615 East 8400 South Sandy, Utah 84070 Phone: 801-561-8104 You…

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Strawberries – Part 2

Yesterday we finished constructing our strawberry planter. I was pleasantly surprised at how it came together (although the built in sprinkler system that came with it is pretty cheesy). Not…

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One and Done

Unfortunately, my beloved Cougars continued their tradition of "one and done" in the NCAA Tourney tonight. I was grumpy for a few hours after the game so I decided to…

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Is a Hybrid Worth It?

I've been thinking about getting a new car and wondered whether it was worth it to get a hybrid. I used the following numbers in my calculations: CarPriceMPG 2008 Toyota…

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One of our biggest problems with Strawberries in the past has been kids. They pick them when they're still green. Birds also like to peck at the berries. This year…

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Planting Season

Planting season is upon us (well, it's more appropriately called "start seeds indoors" season). The first plant of the season is broccoli. I've tried growing broccoli in the past and…

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Sam’s Broken Arm

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Last week Nancy sent the kids over to the playground for a few hours. They've been off track for a couple of weeks now and are driving Nancy nuts so…

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A Doubtful Experiment

I always get excited during the winter for gardening during the spring/summer. Unfortunately, I tend to lose my excitement once the hot weather of full summer takes hold and Nancy…

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