Family Home Evening

Our Family Home Evenings generally follow the format that I grew up with as a kid - opening song and prayer, special presentation, lesson, family journal, closing song and prayer.…

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How Should I Respond?

I have a question for my loyal readers: How would you prefer that I respond to comments and do updates to posts? I've generally responded to comments by adding my…

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A Great Time to Be a Cougar Fan!

Yesterday BYU beat #6 Louisville in basketball. Today the BYU football team beat the Utes with a touchdown in the last minute. It's definitely a great time to be a…

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Thanksgiving Day

Today was an excellent Thanksgiving Day. In the morning Sam and I played football in the yard while waiting for the turkey to cook. When the turkey was done, Nancy…

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Brining a Turkey

Brining a turkey seems to be a popular thing to do nowdays so I figured I would try brining ours this Thanksgiving. Basically, brining is just soaking a turkey in…

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For our family cherry and apple are the pies of choice. This year however we decided to make pumpkin pie because Sam requested it. At the store this week I…

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All I Want For Christmas

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I don't know if I'm hard to give to or not but now that my siblings have drawn names I figure I'll publish a list of what I want/need for…

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Saturday Project – Part 2

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The other project for today was giving Sam a haircut. He was starting to look a little shaggy. I've always been the one to cut Sam's hair. I think he's…

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Saturday Project

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My big project for today was to hang Christmas lights. I'm terrified of heights and ever since we moved into this house I've been thinking about how I was going…

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Indian Princess

In the past few years I have not been able to spend much time sewing because of such things as taking care of 5 kids, building and moving into a…

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