The Cadet Chapel

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This weekend I was in Colorado Springs on a business trip. We had some free time on Sunday and decided to go up to the Air Force Academy (about 5…

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Another winter storm

I have lived in Utah for about 14 years now and this has been the snowiest winter yet. It seems like every week there are about two storms and one…

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Executive Secretary

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Today I was sustained as the Executive Secretary. Although I don't think this calling will be terribly difficult, it will definitely be time consuming. I started off my first week…

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Science Fair

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We finally finished up both Emily and Anne's science fair projects tonight. Anne did all her researcch and experimentation a few weeks ago and made her display a couple of…

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A Nice Little Storm

This morning we woke up to a blowing snow storm. I knew it was pretty deep just by looking out the window but I didn't realize how deep until I…

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Baptism Day

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Today was Caroline's baptism. While the older girls were excited for their baptism day, Caroline was particularly so. She has spent the last two weeks exhibiting her excitement as only…

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