Fiddling with my camera

The other night I noticed there was a pretty full moon outside so I wanted to get a good picture of it. The only problem is that my little camera…

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Garden Invasion

South Jordan is putting in streetlights in for the street behind our house so they had to dig a hole under the back fence to put wiring through. I couldn't…

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Diana’s Birthday

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A couple of months ago it was Diana's birthday and I forgot to post some pictures. Even though she didn't have a friend party like Sam she still had fun…

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Spring Flowers

I thought it would be cool to take some close up pictures of the flowers in our yard so maybe at a later date I could blow them up and…

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Bad Allergies

The grass pollen count in Utah has been off the charts lately. Here is today's count: You can get the daily count from the Intermountain Asthma and Allergy website. On…

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Spring Recital

Last week we went to the girls spring piano recital. Grandpa Kent and Grandma Connie were in town and able to come and the kids were excited to have them…

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