Saturday Project

My project for today was to clean up the stone walkway on the north side of the house. The lightweight mulch was a mistake One regret about our landscape was…

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Family Photo

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Sam got a little poster from school for his birthday that had a place for his picture and a picture of his family. I got the camera out today and…

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Sams Birthday

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Because Sam got a friend party for his birthday this year we decided to hold the party a few days early so we could do it on the weekend. Sam…

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The Ugly Duckling

Texas has been excited the past week or so because her second grade class has been getting ready to perform the play about the Ugly Duckling. She is constanty reminding…

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Some Art

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Anne loves to draw and I thought this drawing was cool. What do all of you think?

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Sam on the bus

I just felt like taking a picture or two of Samuel getting on the bus. I barely got there in time for him to catch the bus today because Emily…

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New Braces

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Today was the day that Emily got her braces put in. She was definitely apprehensive about getting braces put in in the first place. She thinks she looks funny. The…

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Texas is our first child to have cavities and yesterday we went to the dentist to get them filled. I got her ready before hand by telling her that the…

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